We Give

Dr. Linda Franks volunteers her medical expertise in the Dominican Republic!

The Volunteer Health Program has been providing surgical and medical eye care to under-served populations for 2 decades.  Dr. Linda K. Franks was fortunate enough to recently complete her seventh consecutive yearly mission with VHP.

“I am so lucky to be part of this amazing team and for my life to be touched by the patients and the fellow volunteers.” Says Franks.

The mission takes place in the foothills of Licey al Medio and serves 130 small rural communities.  

Dr. Franks recalls “the days begin with a very busy Dermatology clinic addressing all aspects of skin disease;  the afternoons and evenings are spent in surgery.”    This years mission had record numbers: 1479 patients were treated.  Of those, 217 were Dermatology patients:  78 Dermatology procedures and 12 surgical excisions including 9 skin cancers. 

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