A Vitamin to Prevent Skin Cancer and Protect DNA


Why spend money and time on skin products and treatments if you’re not taking care of your skin’s greatest asset- its DNA.  One way to protect your skin's DNA is with daily SPF, but I’m even more excited about a recent Australian study confirming the benefits of oral Nicotinamide aka Vitamin B3 protecting skin cells from ultraviolet rays. The study strongly shows that Nicotinamide... 

  • Enhances skin DNA repair in skin cells and pigmented cells
  • Boosts immune protection of the skin
  • Increases ATP energy in skin cells
  • Decreases pre-cancerous lesions by 35%
  • Prevents new skin cancers, especially in high-risk patients

I’m definitely on board; I begin my daily Nicotinamide and  “DNA love” today! Although best results come with twice daily 500mg Nicotinamide (any form), if you’re a once-a-day vitamin popper like me, start with 500mg in the morning. But bump it up for beach time!

Damian DL. Martin AJ. Halliday GM. Nicotinamide for Skin Cancer Chemoprevention. The Melanoma Letter,  A Publication of The Skin Cancer Foundation. Vol 34, Spring 2016.

Posted by Dr. Linda K Franks

Dr. Linda