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I feel like my aging hands make me look older. What can I do with my large veins and thin skin?


This is a common inquiry that arises as spring approaches. The winter gloves are removed and patients want their hands to look their best. First, make sure you have appropriate skin care in place with moisturizers and sun block.  Second, treat any age spots.  The spots may be lightened or removed with in-office laser treatments. 

Volume in the hands is lost as we age and hands can look older because of prominent veins.  Radiesse, calcium hydroxylapatite, has been used for years to increase volume in the hands.  This treatment is now FDA approved and naturally increases hydration.  The placement of this filler helps with contouring and fills any deep grooves.  Once you think about it, it’s a lifetime of hand movement and activity which leads to loss of fat and soft tissue.  Radiesse stimulates new collagen to be made.  The potential side effects include injection site bruising, transient tenderness, temporary swelling, and itch. 


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