With this inflammatory condition of the central face, dysfunctional or hyperactive blood vessels cause blushing/flushing and inflammation of the cheeks, chin, nose, forehead. Chronic inflammation of these areas is associated with papules and pustules similar to acne, and may also lead to skin thickening, especially of the nose. An important part of the rosacea exam is polarized light evaluation.  This simple, painless look into the upper dermis demonstrates the specific location of capillaries or small blood vessels responsible for the symptoms of rosacea.  These capillaries are then targeted with the appropriate laser or light device such as the pulsed dye laser, IPL, or Nd-Yag laser.  Topical and oral therapies as well as proper skin protection against inflammation are also necessary for control and remission of symptoms.

We also help you identify potential triggers of your symptoms with emphasis on the role of environmental exposures and food hypersensitivity to uncover your best skin. A personalized skin care regimen, addressing both rosacea control and overall skin health, is developed and demonstrated.