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Platelet Rich Plasma is here!
Before and one month after my PRP treatment.

Before and one month after my PRP treatment.

When you work in the aesthetics world, you get to test a lot of products and procedures, and I’m game for most things. Last month I volunteered for our latest procedure, platelet rich plasma (you might know it as the “vampire lift”). I had my blood drawn first, and then a portion of that blood was used for both injection into a scar on my cheek and for topical application along with microneedling. The whole process took less than 30 minutes

Now for the best part...the results! My face had NEVER responded so quickly and positively to one single treatment as it has with PRP/microneedling. Over the next two days, my face peeled quite a bit but all the while remained very bright and healthy looking. My pores are much less noticeable and my skin feels firmer. I have not had to wear as much foundation as before and can get away with  Elta tinted sunscreen and feel good about my skin. My husband even noticed that my skin glows and others have mentioned it as well. I strongly believe the PRP really helped my skin feel alive and restored it to a much better level of health and fitness. I really look forward to my second treatment and promise to keep everyone updated!

See below for more information on how Platelet Rich Plasma can help rejuvenate your skin with its many growth factors:

Posted by Dita Muca